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To illustrate Angela Carter's short story The Bloody Chamber, and Joanna Newsom's song Go Long, both of which re-write the tale of Bluebeard to reveal its core of toxic and emotionless masculinity, violence and misogyny.


Illustration to accompany the poem Ars Poetica for Firewords creative writing journal. Poem by Briel Felton.

A poem should be like the tendons of a neck

The bending of a spine


Like hips unwinding the time

Diligent as fingernails to a grapefruit

At the kitchen table, bleeding with light

A poem should be tongueless

We'll all understand


A self-authored wordless narrative about gendered communication. Exploring the feelings of loss and disconnection when communication breaks down in any relationship.


To accompany a poem of mine about gendered dominance and submission.

(...)The hourglass sang its time-song of sand

She counts loveless days on trembling ringed hands

Months of his bidding left her bent knees red raw

Her neck bent heavenwards in thankless awe

She consulted daisies ‘neath the barren fig tree,

Snapping stems with a strange cruelty

Plucking at petals, a child been forgot

Each flower a betrayal – “he loves you not!”(...)